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Orange Dahlia


" I have had symptoms for years, over a decade, and have been through every test and medication that exists.  Nothing seemed to help for more than a few months.  Getting a hair scan and working with Brooke has helped me understand what my body is looking for and gave me confidence to make simple lifestyle changes, that have added up to a healthier me." 

Dry Woods


" I have been getting hair scans for almost a year and half.  They have given me a direction to focus on.  When I rescan, I get the confirmation that my efforts are working and I am changing my body's health.  I feel better than I have win years."

Dry Flowers


I have had debilitating migraine for years.  I wouldn't be able to get out of bed.  After all the doctors and days of feeling terrible, I was willing to try anything.  I have been migraine free for 11 weeks."

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