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Questions and Answers


How does this work? 

You will receive a kit in the mail.  Following the directions included, you will pull 4 strands of hair, with the bulb from your head.  Place them on the sticker and mail back the prepaid shipping envelope provided.  Wait 7-10 business days and you will receive your report!

What does the report tell me?

The scan will provide a report of 25+ pages of pure data on your body, looking at the last 90 days.  It will tell you about your body's minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and fatty acids.  The report also looks at environmental toxins, system resistances (fungus, viruses, parasites& mold) and interfaces.  It will also provide a list of suggested foods that are challenging your body, as well as, the systems in your body that need supported.  

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