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Meet Brooke

Holistic Health Practitioner

My Story...

I went to a medical doctor for something somewhat minor, and was given a prescription.  When the prescription did not help improve my condition or symptoms, I went to another doctor.  I was given a different prescription and did some blood work. A month later, I was called with the results of “everything looked normal” and told that I need a whole array of scans and further testing.


At this point, I started googling and googling.  I realized I needed to find the root cause of why this was happening in my body.  My searches led me to holistic healing.  Long story short, I was unable to find a provider who was a good fit and decided to take a Holistic Health Practitioner degree program to learn the information myself.  And boy, did I!  


I discovered the hair scan half way through my courses and wish that I had sooner.  The information it provided me, showed me where to focus.  Exactly what I needed to get closer to my root cause!  


I focused on the areas the report indicated, then rescanned and was able to quantify the improvements, as well as, obtain new areas to focus on.  Day by day, my symptoms started to lessen and my energy was up, my mood and sleep quality had improved.   I knew I was getting to my root cause through these 90 Day hair scan plans.  


I now want to share everything that I have learned and help anyone get to their root causes and bring their bodies back into balance!

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